Eco Plumbers Staff
Aaron Gaynor, Owner/CEO

Helping people and delivering the best residential plumbing service in Ohio has been our mission since 2007. The team at The Eco Plumbers is passionate about providing a 5-star service experience that educates and guides clients to confident decisions about their homes. Each service professional creates customers for life. We invite you to join our team and become an important part of our success!

Eco Plumbers Staff
Aaron Gaynor, Owner/CEO

Aaron started in the plumbing trade straight out of high school and has been a licensed plumber for 24 years. His continual pursuit of knowledge has made training and career development an essential part of The Eco Plumbers’ mission and core values. In January 2021 The Eco Plumbers opened its first training center. The Eco Plumbers University provides people the opportunity to learn the plumbing trade and create a rewarding career.


Plumbing is a great choice to learn. Here are some top reasons to join our training program

  • Plumbers protect the health of the nation:
    Water supply, water heating and waste systems must be maintained to keep everyone healthy
  • Year-round demand for service:
    Some trades have slow or off-seasons which can cause payroll inconsistencies. Plumbing demand is far more consistent.
  • Recession-proof:
    Once you have learned plumbing, you can earn
    a steady income provided you are licensed per state or local requirements.
  • Pandemic-proof:
    During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic,
    plumbing was classified as an essential service. The Eco Plumbers implemented cleaning protocols, use of PPE and other measures to safely service homes during lock-downs.


The high level of technical training and customer service that our team provides to clients requires true commitment to learn our unique service system and develop technical expertise. During 14 weeks of training, you will learn an array of skills as you complete the Nextech Academy program and work with your trainers. They will teach you many skills as you work toward successfully becoming an independent service professional. You will also enjoy the camaraderie of the team and have some fun along the way!

The Eco Plumbers University
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The program guides students through orientation and training to when they graduate to independent service professional.


NexTech Academy 

Using a laptop assigned to you for classroom use, you’ll learn from an excellent technical program called NexTech Academy. As you progress through each section, you’ll have the support of the dean of The Eco Plumbers University. As you complete sections, you will test your knowledge and work towards becoming NexTech Certified.

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Hands-on plumbing training brings it all together

Lab Training 

Through affordable payroll deductions, you will receive a set of Milwaukee hand tools. Within a controlled lab setting, the university trainer will direct hands-on training to teach repair and replacement techniques. Developing a critical understanding of the home plumbing system is made easier by training in a lab built like a real home.

Learn repair and installation techniques for plumbing appliances and fixtures 

  • Water heater and expansion tank
  • Tankless water heater
  • Water treatment equipment
  • Sump pump
  • Faucet
  • Shower head
  • Toilet
Fixing Pipes

Drain line, water line and gas line piping are important aspects you will learn to repair or install in a client’s home.

Safety is another important area of training. You will learn basic safety, health information and workplace hazards through the OSHA 10 training course and the university trainer.

Service system training provides the winning framework for how to greet clients, prepare estimates and present options.

Working on house

Ride-along for hands-on training in customers’ homes

You will benefit from working with multiple Ride-along Trainers who are independent service professionals. Training takes place while going to appointments and taking care of clients’ needs. They will teach you what they have learned from their experiences and show you why following our Service System sets our team up to Win The Day! You will observe, participate and have time to ask questions as you assist your trainer and travel between jobs or back to the shop.

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Once you complete the program, your hard work will be celebrated with a special graduation ceremony. Company leaders, The Eco Plumbers dean and university Trainer will be on hand to congratulate you. Certificates of graduation and special recognitions for academic excellence are awarded by the dean and the university trainer.

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Continuing Education 

After graduation, you’ll put your knowledge to the test with real customers and a trainer who provides mentorship and feedback as you utilize the service system and perform technical work. You will practice communicating with dispatch and logistics, create estimates and invoices, collect payments, set up Service Care Plans and help customers with financing. Our philosophy is that having this period of support builds confidence and improves success rate for becoming fully independent.

The Eco Plumbers regularly provides operational and safety training, as well as service system training for its team members to improve skills.


Phone: 614-299-9903

Email: JoinTheTrades@ecoplumbers.com

Text Our Recruiter: 614-515-5795

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