The Eco Plumbers Service Care Plan 

Busy homeowners need smart, affordable ways to help them care for their homes. That’s why The Eco Plumbers offers our clients a responsive Service Care Plan designed to keep the plumbing in their homes in peak operating condition.

Did you know the hardest working plumbing appliance in your home is your water heater?

Our two Service Care Plan options include annual maintenance for the water heating system in your home, providing the peace-of-mind every homeowner seeks.


Tank-type Water Heating 

$13.65 Per Month

Additional Tank, add $4.00 per month


Tankless Water Heating

$22.00 Per Month

Additional Tankless, add $5.00 per month

Minimum 12-month membership contract. Cancellation before the end of 12 months requires balance payment.

Valuable Features and Benefits 

Annual plumbing system inspection and evaluation

Workmanship warranty extended to 2-years with active membership

Priority scheduling

Special pricing available

Dedicated Care Line
for members only

Transferable to your new home in service area, or new owner of current home

The Eco Plumbers Service Care Plan is a wise investment toward maintaining the plumbing in your home. Not only will your Care Team technician advise you about needed repairs and point out areas to pay attention to, your technician can offer great options for upgrading your home. Our team cares about your peace of mind!

Give us a call to become a Service Care Plan Member today!

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